Deliverance from Stupidparty Land – Blog Tour and Interview with Author

Book Details:

Book Title: Deliverance from Stupidparty Land by Patrick M. Andendall
Category: Adult Nonfiction, 428 pages
Genre: Political
Publisher: Fact Over Fiction Publishing
Release date: October 2018
Tour dates: Feb 18 to March 15, 2019
Content Rating: PG + M (This is a political book that references sensitive subjects that concern voters)

Book Description:

How did the US voluntarily arrive at the doorstep of its own demise? is homemade manmade Handmaid’s Tale, where falsehoods and transparently mean-spirited claptrap trump facts and common decency–subverting naïve yet positive innocence into a malignant supremacist and myopic nationalistic agenda that is now in aming the planet’s already rising temperature of self-harm? All this to cloak the true aspirations of the identi ed malevolent Oligarchs, who no longer lie quietly waiting.

The first book in this trilogy (Math v. Myth) exposed the blatant myths that now overshadow reality. The second book (Who is Jeb!!!) uncovered the horrible histories of the Bush dynasty–revealing how America, beginning with the JFK assassination, began its descent from being a force for good, to now having zero moral authority. Allies hold us in contempt; enemies nurture us.

We must understand the problem in order to visualize and actualize the solution. Since I fear the solution is unlikely to be enacted organically, we must prepare to seek a ballot-box-inspired intervention from a higher power–we must seek deliverance from our own collective folly, not from the heavens but from our own homegrown saviors, whom we created in the image of own inescapable delusions.

Interview with Patrick M Andendall:

Can you tell us a little about the cover of your book?
The cover of my book is thematic, designed to visually match the first two books in the series. For this cover, I chose an image of a witch standing over a boiling cauldron. This image brings to mind William Shakespeare’s “Song of the Witches” from Macbeth, with the famous line “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble.” It references that, in the United States, there is nothing but “double toil and trouble” as the country (and mankind) is being directed to hell. It also is reminiscent of Donald Trump’s so-called “Witch Hunt,” except I seek to find the true witches (like Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort) and prove their guilt.
What made you write this book?
I realized that my first book, Stupidparty Math v. Myth: Unmasking the Destructive Forces Eroding American Democracy, simply explained how Stupidparty (the now-misguided Republican party) evolved from 2000 to 2016. It had skirted the prehistory leading up to 2000. This is the third book in my StupidpartyLand series, and I want to attack three more topics: 1) tidy up, update, and rewrite any strategic errors I made in the past; 2) write about the future, to complete the narrative arc of this long-standing cultural descent from JFK’s assassination in 1963 to the post-Trump era, around 2025, by which time all the trends I’ve been discussing will merge to create the perfect storm; 3) provide, by looking to the future, simple solutions to meet tomorrow’s needs that do not depend on people suddenly changing their DNA and all at once becoming self-aware.
What made you decide to become a published author?
A book is a package of ideas that can be marketed to niche audiences. When done right, you can reach many more people than you can with Tweeting or using Facebook. I actually started out as a volunteer going door-to-door to talk to voters but realized my message had no chance competing with the money behind radio and TV pundits.
Why do you write about politics?
I have always been interested in politics, so in 2004 I volunteered to help with the John Kerry campaign, an experience that lead to the creation of my StupidpartyLand series. When Kerry lost the election, I learned that face-to-face conversations are the most effective way to motivate voters. I also realized how the conservative media and other leading figures command a huge audience, an audience that consistently votes. I stopped working in the political field and later turned to political writing because I see it as my responsibility to combat the leaders of this audience and hold them accountable for the information they disseminate. Politics is all around us, and as such, the success of political policies and initiatives has a profound impact on our lives and wellbeing. Unfortunately, not everyone recognizes the importance of this.
Do you ever get writer’s block? What helps you overcome it?
Writer’s block is never a problem for me. I have too much material from years of thinking about the subjects for my books. The challenge is deciding how to distill it into book form, chapter by chapter.
What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?
I have one major pet peeve at social events. I cannot stand when I am asked to put a name tag on. I feel that it removes a fundamental part of the way people get to know one another: by introduction and exchanging pleasantries. It almost suggests that we skip right over the introduction to discuss our deepest hopes and dreams.
What (or who) inspires you?
My immediate family inspires me throughout the writing process for all my books. They are the set of ears that I use to keep myself honest about my writing.
Thank you so much for your time Patrick.
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Meet the Author:

Patrick Andendall has always had an interest in politics and, being multicultural, he views issues from a more international perspective. In 2004, five days before the election, he flew to Cleveland and pitched in to help with the political process. What he discovered was the dissolution of the American Dream, which he writes about in his book, Stupidparty.Educated at English boarding schools from the age of seven, Andendall went on to graduate from Lancing College. He started by sometimes working three jobs at once, trainee Underwriter/claim broker at Lloyd’s of London, his own one-man cleaning Company (cleaning the very offices of a Reinsurance Company he would transact business at) plus doing seasonal work on various farms.

Having made some windfall profits by borrowing money in order to be a “Stag” to take advantage of opportunities created by Margaret Thatcher’s denationalization policies of the mid 1980s, Andendall evolved into an entrepreneur with a core specialty in Reinsurance in London and New York where he looks for patterns in numbers. Self-employed in a field not normally conducive to self-employment, he is able to remain in control, juggle different jobs, travel and pursue his various interests.

Ending up in New York via romance in the African bush, Andendall now lives on Long Island with his wife, two children, and two dogs.

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